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CT 1208 CT-1208

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nr produktu:80
kategoria:hat machine
model komputera:DAHAO 6C18
qty of heads:8
no of needle:12
head interval:40
continuos embroidery area:3200 x 450 mm
single head embroidery area:400 x 450 mm
max speed:850
stitch length:0,1 - 12,7 mm
automatic cutting:OK
top thread detector:OK
bottom thread detector:OK
double thread detector:OK
optic thread detector:OK
oiling system:OK
low noise:OK
power consumption:1300 W
size without table:4230x920x1600 mm
weight:1000 kg
cena netto:

16 140,00 EUR

Design storage capacity - The inner memory can store 400 designs and the total stitches are over 16,000,000 stitches.
Darning function Due to thread broken during embroidering, some embroidery fail to work and the needle should return to the place where embroidery fails and begin darning The number of returnable stitches is not limited and it can return to the original point of present normal design in embroidering combined design.
The rotation and pantograph of design - Design can be rotated by 1 degree step within 360 degrees and reverse from left to right. It also can be magnified or minified by different ratio in horizontal or vertical direction Besides it can meet different requirements by selecting rotation priority or pantograph priority.
Embroidering pattern periphery - The pattern periphery and center cross line can be embroidered. And with No.99 linear pattern. It is very convenient to position using these methods.
Suitable for flat embroidery - garment embroidery and cap embroidery .
Computer reads different formats from USB such as: TAJIMA DSB, TAJIMA DST, BARUDAN FDR, BARUDAN FDRIII, BARUDAN HD, ZSK.

Easy operation and quick learning.

Network functions and wireless control (optional).

In set:
- Cap frame driver - 16
- Cap frame driver base - 1
- Round frame 90 mm - 16
- Round frame 120 mm - 16
- Round frame 150 mm - 16
- Round frame 190 mm - 16
- Square frame 300 mm - 16
- big frame
- Rewinder for thread
- accessories and spare parts

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